Social Service

  • Food Distribution and Food Pantry

Ananda Marga has been active in distributing food for all. Drives have been organized in San Jose, Oakland and other parts of the Bay Area.

  • Vegetarian Cooking Classes

There are several good cooks in Ananda Marga and vegetarian dinners are organized either for fund raising or for the pleasure of sharing together.

  • Self-Healing Heart Circles

There is availability of space and time for groups that wish to be supported in their healing process.

  • Self-Development Training

Ananda Marga Training is based on Character building and discipline. A Trainer is normally available at the Center and sessions are scheduled upon request.

  • Ananda Marga Volunteer Training

Training for Local Full Timers (LFTs) who are the backbone of social service efforts. It is a wonderful opportunity to visit service projects around the world. Normally a period of 6 weeks is sufficient for qualifying a Volunteer.

  • Neo-Humanist Education

Refreshment courses on the philosophy of Ananda Marga are available.